Swiss Beauty Lip Perfect Duo Balm & Scrub-Beetroot

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Swiss Beauty Lip Perfect Duo Balm & Scrub is specially designed to pamper your lips with both gentle exfoliation and nourishing care. The Beetroot enriched scrub delicately removes dry skin and works to lighten your dark lips, while the Beeswax in the lip balm nourishes and hydrates your lips. leaving them soft and supple.

Infused with natural Beetroot extracts, the scrub's fine exfoliating particles work in synergy to buff away impurities, leaving your lips incredibly smooth and revitalised.  Beetroot, renowned for its natural skin-lightening properties, is blended into the scrub to help gradually lighten dark lips and restore your lips natural texture and tone.

Following the exfoliation, pamper your lips with an intensely Beeswax enriched lip balm that nourishes them and keeps them soft and supple. The creamy formula of lip balm glides effortlessly and shields your lips in a cocoon of moisture.