Glam21 High Definition Lipstick|Lightweight & Ultra-Moisturizing | Gel Based Formula| (Orange, Pink, Red, 24.5g, Pack of 3)
MOISTURIZING AND NOURISHING: A unique blend of gel formulated to minimize dryness. It works best to hide the...
Glam21 Makeup Remover Wipes| Fragrance Free Pre Moisturized 100% Cotton Fabric For Face Cleansing| Suitable For All Skin-28pc
PACKAGE CONTENT: 28 pieces of pre-moisturized makeup remover wipes. Now removing makeup with no rinsing. All the wipes...
Hilary Rhoda Matte Lipstick keeps the lips moist but with a matte effect and stays on for long...
Hilary Rhoda Matte-on Liquid Lipstick
This transferproof formula is designed to glide on effortlessly in a single swipe, without smudging, bleeding, or flaking....
Insight 24 hrs Non- transfer matte Lipstick
Long-Lasting & Intensely Pigmented Lipstick. Enriched with Butters & Emollients like Vitamin E Which ensures Moisturized Lips. The...
One stroke application Bold range of shades Constant nutrient-infused butter cruelty-free
Insight Cosmetics Cheek Tint Blush 7g
Benefits Cheek And Lip Stain For A Subtle Hint Of Tint For A Healthy Natural Colour. Instant Pop...
About The Product This pigment-rich lipstick delivers intense color pay-off in just a single swipe.  What Makes it...
Insight Cosmetics Non-Transfer Lip Color 4ml
Insight Cosmetics Non-Transfer Lip Color features a sophisticated non-transfer lip color formula that glides on flawlessly in one...
Insight Cosmetics Super Lip Liner, 1.2gm| Free Sharpner
Highly Pigmented Formula, Glides on Smoothly Extend Longevity of Lipstick & Prevent Lipstick from Bleeding It also Contours...
Makes you feel like a true princess. Rich opaque lip gloss that comes in incredible shades Instantly makes...
Highly pigmented lipstick that sets to a flawless matte finishEnriched with the goodness of Moroccan argan oil and...
Maliao Forever Matte Long Lasting Liquid Color
Achieve bold, pigmented, and long-lasting matte lipstick looks with Maliao Forever Matte Long-Lasting Liquid Color, a lightweight, creamy...
Maliao Superstay L Absolu Velvet Matte Lipstick
Experience a long-lasting, velvety matte color with Maliao Superstay L Absolu Velvet Matte Lipstick, a lightweight, high-pigment lipstick...
Maliao Waterproof Non Transfer Lipstick | 3.8g
Super Stay & Long-lasting smooth lipstick. Smooth Buttery glide that dries out to become pure matte. Item-M224  ...
Mars Aqua Splash | Tinted Lip Balm
MARS Aqua Splash Tinted Lip Balm comes in 8 exotic fruit variants - Passion Fruit, Pomegranate, Dragon Fruit,...
Mars Clear Quartz Lip Gloss
Rs. 199.00Rs. 150.00
We believe in glow, growth and power of clear quartz!MARS Clear Quartz Lip Gloss delivers a high shine...
Mars Color Balm Lipstick | Random stick color
Rs. 229.00Rs. 175.00
MARS Color Changing Lip Balm is an intensely hydrating tinted lip balm with a sheer wash of color. It...
Mars Creamy Matte Lipstick
From a classy red lip to a deep grungy vibe, MARS Creamy Matte Lipstick comes in a wide...
Mars Double Trouble Lip Crayon | Dual lipstick
Trouble is fun, we have just doubled it!MARS Double Trouble Lip Crayon is naughty and nice, sweet and...
Mars Edge of Desire Lip Liner set of 10
Rs. 590.00Rs. 475.00
Don't let the desires run out! MARS Edge of Desire Lip Liner is here to fulfil the desires...
Mars Gel Peach Makeup Remover | Unique Formula
Rs. 299.00Rs. 215.00
No matter how hard it may be to remove the tough foundation and layers of eyeliner one only...
Mars Hydra tint  Balm Lipstick - Pink tint (Random stick colour)
MARS Color Changing Lip Balm is an intensely hydrating tinted lip balm with a sheer wash of color. It...
Mars Infinity Demi Matte Lip Palette
Description - MARS Infinity Demi Matte Lip Palette has 16 stunning demi-matte lip shades which lets you unleash...
MARS Lip Lollies is a Moisturising Lip Balm that is enriched with double protection qualities. The lip lollies are...
Mars Lip Sleeping Mask
With MARS Lip Sleeping Mask, wake up to soft and supple lips. Helps to lock in moisture while...
MARS Matinee Lipstick  (3.5 g)
Features: Pigment-rich bullet lipstick that sets to a comfortable matte finish Glides on the lips easily to give...
Mars Matte Lip Color
MARS Matte Lipsticks let you flaunt the matte look without drying out your lips. It features an opaque...
Mars Matte Lip Colour (Gold packing)
MARS Matte Lip Color is your go-to matte lipstick which gives you a long-lasting matte finish. It's feather-light...
Mars Matte Lip Pills | Set of 3
Description - What lasts long, is travel friendly, and has an intense matte look? MARS Lip Pills (Set of 3)...
Mars Matte Lipstick | Non Transfer Butter Stick
MARS Non-transfer butter lipstick is a Matte Lipstick that will steal your heart with the smoothest glide on...
Mars Matte Lipsticks Box | Set of 3
MARS Matte Lipsticks Box creates a fire that can't be put out. This box comes with 3 Matte Sticks...
MARS Matte Liquid Smudge Proof Lipstick
Rs. 516.00Rs. 335.00
Package contain - 4 smudge proof liquid lipstick Long Lasting : Long Lasting upto 10 hours. Skin Perfecting...
MARS Non-Transfer Long Lasting Poppins Rotating Matte Lip Crayon
Non-Transfer Long Lasting Poppins Roatating Matte Lip Crayon -1.3gram Water Proof, Smudge Proof, Cruelty-Free, Vegan and long-lasting for...
Mars Plush Velvet Lipstick
Luxury does not have to be expensive! MARS Plush Velvet Lipstick is an infusion of luxury and quality....
Mars Super Stay Non-transfer Lipstick | Super Stay Matte
SUPER STAY: Gives a vibrant, up to 12-hour-long-lasting color, is easy to apply, and has a smooth matte...
MARS Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon (3.5 g)
MARS Won't Budge Won't Smudge Lip Crayon is a uniquely formulated lip crayon. This highly pigmented crayon comes...
Mattlook Power Stay Lip Color (Pack Of 4)
Mattlook's New Power Stay Lipcolor set includes four mini smudge-proof liquid lipsticks that are popular bestsellers. These minis...
Intensely moisturizes your lips and gives a nice tinted color to them. Long-lasting.  
Gives a Matte finish look The texture is: Crayon Quantity: 1.8 g One stroke finish
Me-On Professional 24Hrs Super-stay Matte Lip Colour
The right lipstick can perk up the appeal of your entire look within seconds. These lipsticks come in...
Form Crayon Skin Type All Skin Types Finish Matte Duration 12-15 hrs Color 18 COLORS
Swiss Beauty 2 in 1 Lip Liner & Lip Filler
The lightweight formula will seamlessly blend on your lips, giving you a comfortable, soft and lightweight feel. The...
A multifaceted perfect Cream & Tint pot that works best as it gives your eyelids, lips and cheek...
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