Mars Super Stay Non-transfer Lipstick | Super Stay Matte

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  • SUPER STAY: Gives a vibrant, up to 12-hour-long-lasting color, is easy to apply, and has a smooth matte finish.
  • WATERPROOF & TRANSFERPROOF: It doesn't fade whether you touch it with your hands, drink water, or wear a face mask; it's kiss-proof, nonsticky, and comes in fresh lip colors every day. It is simple to remove with lip washing oil and provides a sensual feeling.
  • SMOOTH MATTE FINISH: Delivers a bold, intense color that lasts, a smooth matte finish, and is comfortable to wear.
  • ONE SWIPE APPLICATION: Glides smoothly onto lips for easy and quick application.
  • LIGHT-WEIGHT FORMULA: The special formula has an extremely intense pigmentation without drying the lips and a long-lasting effect.

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