Mars Edge of Desire Lip Liner set of 10

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Don't let the desires run out! MARS Edge of Desire Lip Liner is here to fulfil the desires of that perfect pout with 10 beautiful shades.

10 shades for every pout:

01 LUSTY PINK (Mauvy Pink): When in doubt, wear pink.

02 DEEP DAWN (Neutral Brown): Keep glowing, till the break of dawn.

03 BLOOD BATH (Brown Red): Can ladies kill? Yes, with their pout!

04 SCANDALOUS BROWN (Cool Toned Brown): Don’t be scared of scandals, be bold and famous because of them.

05 WINE NIGHTS (Deep Mauve): Let’s be partners in Wine and Crime.

06 RED TEASE (Blue Toned Red): Teasing is an art and we are the artists.

07 MAGNETIC MAGENTA (Pinkish Red): Magnetic Eyes? We prefer Magnetic Lips.

08 NUDE SPELL (Peachy Nude): A spell that nobody can break!

09 STEAMY PINK (Cool Toned Pink): All we want is pink and pout.

10 EXOTIC BROWN (Brown Nude): Be an exotic old soul with a precious heart.