Dr Rashel Multipurpose Bath Bombs - 100g

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1.Dr Rashel Vitamin C Brighten & Anti Aging Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: Vitamin c bath bomb can be used to help even skin tone. hydrated, reduce the appearance of acne, and reduce age spots.

2.Dr Rashel Strawberry Softening & Moisturizing Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: A home spa-like bath will help soften and moisturize your skin, reduce physical discomfort and fully relax yourself after whole.

3.Dr Rashel Chamomile Firming & Soothing Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: Chamomile bath bomb in a riot of fizzy bubbles into your bath to help you ease tension, de-stress, or simply enjoy a luxurious.

4.Dr Rashel Lavender Calming & Soothing Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: Reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins, soothe and relieve dry skin Releases tight muscles and calms the mind as you rest in the tub. Also promote sleep and calm the mind.

5.Dr Rashel Jasmine Purifying & Nourishing Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: Nourishing and relieve dry and itchy skin, and balance your skin's natural pH levels while soaking in a relaxing bath.

6.Dr Rashel Roseship & Vanilla Whitening & Moisturizing Bath Bomb -100g

Benefits: Vanilla rosehip bath bomb that soothe muscles, softens skin, and provides aromatherapy. Drop a bath bomb into your bath and discover a new level of relaxation and peacefulness.